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Milan 2T



The Milan 2T ATGM is a man portable second generation ATGM with a tandem warhead to destroy tanks. The Milan 2T ATGM can target both moving and stationary targets. We are currently supplying the Milan 2T ATGMs to the MoD for the Indian Army. 

Konkurs - M  (ATGM)


The Konkurs – M ATGM is a second generation, semiautomatic tube launch optically tracked, wire guided and canard controlled missile which has been designed to destroy moving and stationary armoured targets. The Konkurs – M ATGM can be launched from vehicles and ground launchers. We are currently supplying the Konkurs – M ATGMs to the MoD for the Indian Army.

Invar(3 UBK 20) (ATGM)


The INVAR (3 UBK 20) ATGM is a second generation plus mechanized infantry weapon which can be fired from the gun barrel of a T-90 tank to destroy armored vehicles. We are currently supplying the INVAR (3 UBK 20) ATGMs to the MoD for the Indian Army. 






The Akash SAM is an all weather area defense system which can engage multiple targets simultaneously. The Akash SAM can target helicopters, fighter aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles. In addition to the Akash SAM, we also supply the ground support system and construct infrastructure facilities for the Akash SAM to our customers. We are currently supplying Akash SAMs to the MoD for the Indian Army.

Light Weight Torpedo (TAL)


The light weight torpedo can be launched from a ship or a helicopter. The light weight torpedo is used for anti-submarine warfare. We are currently exporting the light weight torpedo.

Torpedo Counter Measure System (C303)


The Anti Torpedo System is meant to counter the threat posed to any submarine by any active and / or passive homing torpedo. We are currently supplying the Anti Torpedo System to a defence PSU engaged in the construction of submarines and warships.


Counter Measures Dispensing System (CMDS) 


The CMDS is a micro controller chaff and flare based airborne defense system. The CMDS can be activated by the pilot or the radar warning receiver of the aircraft. The CMDS provides protection to the aircraft against radar guided and heat seeking missiles (air and ground) by dispensing chaff and / or flare payloads. We are currently supplying the CMDS to a defence PSU engaged in the manufacture of fighter aircrafts.

Long Range SAM ("LRSAM") and Medium Range SAM ("MR SAM")


The SAM is a high response quick reaction vertical launch supersonic missile to neutralise enemy aerial threats such as missiles, aircraft, guided bombs and helicopters. We are currently supplying the LR SAMs and MR SAMs to the MoD for the Indian Army and Indian Navy respectively.



We are currently supplying launchers to Ordnance Factory,MoD.

Submarine Fired Decoy


The SFD acts as preferred target in the presence of an own submarine to a passive or active homing torpedo.

Test Equipments


Includes test equipment to monitor the health of the prior generation Konkurs ATGM and the current Konkurs-M ATGM.